My name is Annie Leigh Edwards!  I am a wife, mom of three, writer, host of Dancing in the Kitchen Podcast (iTunes) , and passionate about equipping women to live from the inside out.

I am also passionate about T-shirts!

 My Life In Bullet Points

  • I don’t do “the things,” until I’ve had the coffee.
  • I am allergic to small talk.
  • My husband gave me the nickname “Big AL,” while we were dating in college.
  • I read way to many books at one time.
  • I lose the keys to the swagger wagon EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  • I have no idea where the missing socks go.
  • My brain is 80 percent song lyrics.
  • I am 5’11.  No, I did not play basketball, volleyball or participate in any sports.
  • Former member of the High School Show Choir (“Jazz Hands” for life).
  • We are related to Johnny Cash.
  • Group text messages stress me out.

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